Fit For an Autopsy and Exodus Heat Up Nashville


On the night on December 4th, metal fans in Nashville, Tennessee packed Brooklyn Bowl music venue for a promising evening of energy, mosh pits, and all around heavy metal. Featuring a unique co-headliner tour Fit For an Autopsy and Exodus were ready to give fans just what they are looking for.

With a career spanning over four decades, Exodus stands as one of the pioneering bands of the thrash metal genre. Originating from Richmond, California this band has been a influential force in shaping the landscape of heavy metal with their aggressive riffs, breakneck speed, and unapologetic attitude. Exodus’ live performances are relentless, with the thrashing guitars, thunderous drums, and commanding vocals. Their music embodies the essence of rebellion and aggression, creating a magnetic atmosphere that ignites the crowd. During the night we witnessed several fan favorites including “Blacklist,” “A Lesson in Violence,” and “The Toxic Waltz.” The unwavering dedication to their craft shines throughout the entire performance, and proves to us why they are a influence to many. As the final note plays, its time for our headliner, Fit For an Autopsy.


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Hailing for Jersey City, New Jersey Fit For an Autopsy has been a prominent force in the metal scene since their formation in 2008. Known for their unique blend of death metal and hardcore rock the band has carved a path for themselves with their aggressive sound and thought provoking lyrics. While watching the live performance you are met with raw emotion and unmatched energy. The bands relentless stage presence and powerful rills are a force to be reckoned with leaving fans in awe of what is in front of them. Vocalist, Joe Badolato, demanded crowd participation, and crowd surfers galore. As the night went on FFAA performed “Oh What The Future Holds,” “Pandora,” “Far From Heaven,” and closed out with fan favorite “Two Towers.” Leaving fans craving more, its safe to say Nashville cannot wait to see these two bands again.

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Although this iconic tour has ended its not too late to stay up to date for whats next. Click Here to stay up to date.

Photos By: BrittMae

Keep up with Exodus: Website//Instagram//Twitter

Keep up with Fit For an Autopsy: Website//Instagram//Twitter

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