A Beacon School holds true to dreamy vocal arrangements in “KITM”


In a new, heavily shoegaze-influenced single, Patrick J. Smith of A Beacon School holds true to his dreamy vocal arrangements while experimenting with much more avant garde production style. The piece, entitled “KITM,” carries the listeners through waves of washed-out guitars, urging them to “hurry up and do something!”

The song’s buildup is a slow burn, subtly urging the listener to take control of their own narrative; it could even be a nod to indie greats such as The Shins and Modest Mouse. Much like the work of these artists, the lyrics of “KITM” are highly introspective. Smith is voicing frustrations about having dreams, plans, and aspirations, but never actually mustering up the energy to act on them.

Smith’s androgynous voice penetrates directly into the soul of anyone who may delve into his music. And while the single, named for an abbreviation of the phrase “keep it to myself,” may be quite long, it is never redundant. Furthermore, it instills a deep sense of anticipation for A Beacon School’s first full-length album in five years, yoyo, which will be available on October 13, 2023.

Still not convinced to give the single a chance? Maybe you’ll be tempted once you realize that “KITM” includes remnants of the cinematic feeling that made Yoke Lore’s “Beige” so addicting to listen to. Perhaps the new release can find its home on the “Main Character” playlist that you’ve been adding to since 2020’s COVID lockdown.

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