Sadye Emerges With Her Dark-Pop Anthem Dripping In Sarcasm on “The Joke Is On Me”


Sadye is a Los Angeles based songwriter weaving her powerful narrative of battling cancer into her lyrical journeys. Her new single “The Joke Is On Me” highlights Sadye’s dark sense of humor as she asks existential questions surrounding life after experiencing trauma. She contextualizes her complex emotions by pointing out the hypocrisy of her situation through a myriad of witty, sarcastic jabs.

“The Joke Is On Me” excites the ear with a feverish frenzy of beats, lush, pop-tinged electronics, and saccharine vocals from Sadye that leave you with a sugar high. She sings, “It’s kinda funny I survived / Came back to life / Sent me to therapy to dislocate my mind / But all the talk about it / Makes me wanna die.” Securing her foothold as a pivotal artist in the dark-pop scene, Sadye is grippingly original with raw lyrics cut from true experiences.

Revealing more on her track, Sadye admits, “The entire essence of the song is in the first two lines. It’s an idea that has haunted me a lot—physically surviving but becoming kind of mentally ruined. I had a lot of questions in the wake of what I went through and even years later. I put them into this record. I think we all wonder why we’re here for different reasons, so I feel like people will relate to that aspect of the song.” 

Sadye finds unique angles to push forward within the grand scheme of pop. Often questioning the implications of technology, challenging our beliefs of pop culture, and the notions of fame, Sadye is anything but expected. “The Joke Is On Me” is no different as Sadye finds an unexpected outlook on her troubled past.


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