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Similar Artists: Nerv, Sleep Theory, Beartooth
Top Tracks:
“No Reverse”, “everything in my mind”, “back on me”
Recent News: On tour with Beartooth this summer. Released their latest single “SYM” on June 27.

Fusing together an intoxicating blend of genres — ranging from hip-hop to EDM to rock — Tampa, Florida-based hard rock outfit Nevertel deliver a musicality that is hard-hitting and anthemic. Reminiscent of groups like Linkin Park, Nevertel serves as a modern-day nu-metal staple within the current rock world. Founded in 2014, the past decade has seen the group deliver two full-length albums, two EP’s and a healthy dosage of singles. The band’s most recent release is their new single “SYM,” released on June 27 via Epitaph Records. Opening with catchy hip-hop verses that hook listeners in, the track soon breaks down into guttural vocals and a heavy stampede of guitars.

A song that packs a punch — one hard enough to ramp up listeners and blow their speakers out — “SYM” is inspired by the feeling of being unable to bring yourself away from the edge. This single along with their previous single “Sacrifice” that dropped in May, are the band’s first releases this year. While the group hasn’t announced any official plans for a new album, they are currently focusing on their upcoming summer tour supporting Beartooth, along with Currents and Boundaries. The tour starts this Friday on July 5 and runs until August 3. Nevertel will then embark on a fall tour in September where they’ll open up for Point North alongside elijah and Rivals.

Composed of Jeremy Michael (vocalist), Raul Lopez (rapper/guitarist/producer) and Alec Davis (guitarist), has garnered a devoted fan base, over 60 million global streams to date, and has graced the stages of iconic music festivals. Additionally, Nevertel has also been featured on numerous Spotify playlists, including their All New Metal, Kickass Metal and Hard Rock playlists. None of this would have come to the band if not for their intense dedication to their craft and explosive musicality.

Inspired by a variety of musical artists, Nevertel draws influence from groups like Bring Me the Horizon, Logic and Linkin Park (the group admits that Raul seeing Linkin Park play live in 2013 is the prime force behind the birth of Nevertel). Now, taking this love of live rock and roll and turning their melting pot of inspiration into their own unique sound, Nevertel — over the last decade — hasn’t slowed down when it comes to drawing in new listeners and destroying sound systems.

Stream Nevertel’s newest single “SYM” on Spotify and Apple Music.

Buy tickets to see Nevertel on tour with Beartooth here.

Keep up with Nevertel: Instagram // YouTube // Spotify // Website

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