From Ashes to New Blackout Tour Pt. 2 Proves Nu Metal is Here to Stay


From Ashes to New electrified The Signal in Chattanooga on Monday night with their sensational Blackout Tour pt. 2. The band, accompanied by a diverse lineup of rappers and metal acts, delivered a rap rock spectacle reminiscent of the early 2000s, signaling a resurgence of the genre’s relevance. Joining From Ashes to New were TikTok sensations Elijah and Phix, the skilled lyricist Ekoh, who also graced the Blackout Tour pt. 1, and the energetic pop punk outfit Point North.

Elijah commanded the stage with a commanding presence, captivating the audience with his powerful vocals and dynamic performance. Addressing mental health issues in his songs, Elijah set the tone for the night, showcasing both talent and substance.

With thunderous applause, Phix followed suit, blending blistering lyrics with soulful delivery, accompanied by his remarkably talented 11-year-old drummer. Phix’s rise to fame via social media underscores the platform’s impact on discovering and promoting emerging artists.


Ekoh took the stage next, showcasing the lyrical prowess often absent in mainstream rap. His performance highlighted the seamless fusion of rap and rock, emphasizing message over genre. Displaying remarkable skill, Ekoh delivered an impressive acapella rendition of his song “End Game” and engaged the crowd with his hit “Villain,” culminating in an electrifying performance.

Point North shifted gears with a heavier set while staying true to the rap rock theme of the night. Lead singer Jon Lundin’s dynamic stage presence fueled the crowd’s enthusiasm, showcasing the trio’s impressive pop punk repertoire. Point North just released their new album Prepare for Despair, allowing the band to treat their fans to a new set of live songs.

From Ashes to New closed the evening with a dynamic performance, accompanied by an anime-themed light show. Lead vocalists Matt Brandyberry and Danny Case captivated the audience with their seamless blend of rap and heavy screams, reminiscent of Nu Metal’s heyday. Lead guitarist Lance Dowdle interacted with the crowd, which included receiving origami gifts from the fans and donning his eccentric anime inspired masks adding to the electric atmosphere. The band’s high-energy set, featuring special guest Ekoh on their hit “Nightmare,” solidified their status as torchbearers of Nu Metal and rap rock.

From Ashes to New’s Blackout Tour Pt. 2 exemplifies the fusion of rap and rock, heralding the genre’s resurgence. Whether a fan of rap, rock, or Nu Metal, this tour promises an epic night of music and energy not to be missed.

From Ashes To New’s Blackout Tour continues through June 13th of 2024. For upcoming shows, visit

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Photos and Review by Adam Colwell (@pixelsoftheimagination)

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