Darius Martin Shares an Uplifting Message with Survivors of Domestic Violence on “Sparks Don’t Fly”


Los Angeles based songwriter, Darius Martin, grew up in the American Southwest and musically finds a sweet spot between R&B and pop. Martin’s latest single “Sparks Don’t Fly” is a collective effort with Doorways, an organization that helps survivors of domestic violence, to raise awareness and donate a portion of the proceeds toward survivors. The single is a moving, poignant narrative on the effects of abusive relationships. Featuring the talented Latin vocalist Shantal Vella, “Sparks Don’t Fly” is an emotive confluence of voices that captures the gravity of a double-sided relationship with stirring performances from both Martin and Vella. 

Over a heavy-hearted haze of rhythmics, tranquil strokes of acoustic guitar, and vocals that diffuse like a chemical reaction, “Sparks Don’t Fly” brings the emotional depth beneath abusive relationships to the surface. Darius Martin sings, “I don’t want to keep on burning in this wildfire/ I thought I showed you that you were my one desire.” The powerful title “Sparks Don’t Fly” represents how love can transform over the course of a rocky relationship and morph into something unrecognizable. Martin hopes this song will empower listeners to seek help and feel less alone in their journey forward. 

Darius Martin is currently based in Los Angeles, but grew up in Southwestern cities including El Paso, Texas and Alamogordo, New Mexico. He is a graduate of the prestigious Los Angeles Film Institute and a multi-faceted creative. His latest single “Sparks Don’t Fly” is a powerful initiative for change. 

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