deegie Strikes Back at a Summer Fling on “Scraps (Cleland)”


deegie is a Los Angeles based pop-punk artist who is transforming her mindset on past relationships through music. Her latest single “Scraps (Cleland)” is a retelling of her summer romance that flips the script on a rocky ending. Instead of wallowing in her sorrows, deegie finds her voice in the rage-fueled chords of an electric guitar and paints an empowering narrative on bouncing back. Written about an ex-flame named Cleland, “Scraps (Cleland)” tells the story of a summer fling that falls flat in the afterglow of an endorphin crash. After discovering that Cleland was seeing other people, deegie came to the harsh realization that casual affairs just weren’t for her. 

“Scraps (Cleland)” combines choppy, textural riffs, sharp notes of percussion, and an effervescently electric vocal for a track that cranks the volume. deegie recounts a visceral vignette as she sings, “Swear I don’t need a ring / Except the kind on the phone / I know you struggle to dial / When you’re constantly stoned.” The lyrics behind deegie’s single are targeted, clever, and charged with an energy of retaliation. “Scraps (Cleland)” is clearly cut from deegie’s raw experience while simultaneously offering universal insight on overcoming unexpected heartbreak. 

Revealing more on the track, deegie admits, “The funny thing about this song is how it has pulled me back in time to that summer in the Village; The anxiety of whether he would message me, the euphoria of seeing my phone light up, going out drinking, bringing him home, and the pit in my stomach when someone told me he was seeing another woman even though we weren’t exclusive.”

“Scraps (Cleland)” is the first single from deegie’s upcoming EP Exes. Inspired by icons including Olivia Rodrigo and Avril Lavigne, deegie finds her own sound amidst a pantheon of pop-punk influences. “Scraps (Cleland)” is her latest release. 

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