Maryen Cairns Delights with Debut Vinyl Release “One Woman Band: Live at Echotown Studios Vol. 1”


Folk-pop singer-songwriter Maryen Cairns has recently unveiled her highly anticipated album, “One Woman Band, Live at Echotown Studios: Vol. 1.” 

This debut vinyl release traces back to Cairn’s 10 date tour across the UK in August of 2023. During this tour, she crafted intimate renditions of some of her timeless classics and fostered real connections with her listeners. 

Inspired by this period of reflection and also renewal, Cairns then embarked on a two day recording session at nearby Echotown Studios which resulted in 9 meticulously curated tracks for Volume 1. 

From autobiographical compositions to re-imagined acoustic versions of previous hits, Cairns invited listeners on a journey to discover about interesting characters and their lives. 

The album opens with the passionate “Kids from the Burbs’”  with Cairn’s powerful vocals reminiscent of earlier work. 

Tracks like “Give to the Chase” and “The Smuggler’s Tale” really bring out her versatility as a multi instrumentalist in the arena of piano, guitar and percussion. “Give to the Chase” especially brings forth a shamanic energy in both vocals and percussion. 

A standout track is “Missing You” which is a previously unreleased gem of a song – a poignant, acoustic ballad which explores the complexities of unrequited love. 

In this song, Cairn’s sumptuous fingerpicking delivers a really captivating listening experience and draws the listener in to a world of vivid storytelling.

“Flew Away” is a beautiful song written about the incredible life of Joan Taubman, a pioneering female pilot from Australia.

Despite the album’s minimalistic approach, “One Woman Band” remains over all really engaging and involved and makes compelling listening for all fans of lyric driven acoustic music. 

The decision to release this album on vinyl adds a definite nostalgic touch. 

Cairns shares: 

“In my youth, my music served as a form of expression, but I kept a certain distance from my audience. Now, I find myself more open, and the deep connection with my listeners has breathed new life into my music, revitalizing it in ways I hadn’t imagined.”

With her forthcoming album on the horizon, Maryen Cairns continues to attract audiences with her intricate narratives, characters, and vibrant imagery. 

Fans can purchase “One Woman Band, Live at Echotown Studios: Vol. 1” directly from Cairns’ website or online store, where it is available alongside her other albums.

Maryen Cairns’ enduring impact on the music scene spans three decades. Collaborations with acclaimed producers and successful solo endeavours show her status as a revered artist with an international fanbase.

As Cairns embarks on the next chapter of her musical journey, listeners can expect nothing short of more captivating storytelling to come!

Connect with Maryen Cairns:  Official Website // Instagram // Spotify // YouTube Music

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