Peter Calandra’s Mesmerizing New Piano Album “Spirit”


Peter Calandra’s latest album “Spirit” is a captivating collection of 10 original compositions from improvised recordings written during the pandemic, and 3 cover songs.

Each song has been carefully selected. From delicate piano solos reminiscent of folk tunes, to expansive compositions accompanied by ambient synthesiser layers, “Spirit” promises a diverse and immersive listening experience. 


The cover songs pay tribute to Calandra’s musical roots by including songs from his early days performing in bar bands, which add a nostalgic flair to the diverse collection of tracks. 

Peter Calandra, with an extensive background in Broadway, has an ability to create moments of tranquility and contemplation in today’s frenetic, fast paced world offering listeners a retreat through his music:

“We live in turbulent times where success is measured in clicks and quite a bit of online content is limited to 60 seconds or less. All of this comes together to create a reality that flies by at an alarming rate where you can get swept up in all this and feel like you are on an out of control roller coaster ride. There has to be a place for music and art that moves people and tells a story and develops over time to help slow down the pace of life. That is the essence of what my goals are for the music I create. Telling stories in sound that touch people’s hearts.”

Songs like “Joyful Light,” “Fading Memories,” and “Night Sky” highlight his ability to convey deep emotions through delicate piano solos.

A standout track on this album is “Layla,” an improvised piano solo inspired by Eric Clapton and Jim Gordon’s classic, but re-imagined with Calandra’s signature serenity and subtle gospel influences.

Every facet of exceptional instrumental music is encapsulated here, showcased brilliantly in tracks like “Fading Memories,” which offers an ambient yet intricately crafted fusion of piano and synth elements.

Tracks such as “The Weight” transport listeners to the cozy ambiance of a piano bar, perfect for unwinding after a day’s challenges. Meanwhile, compositions like “Thankful” captivate with their multi-layered instrumentation, offering a haven of contentment enriched by ethereal piano melodies.


Whether listeners seek moments of introspection or simply wish to be enveloped in beautiful music, “Spirit” delivers a captivating experience that resonates long after the final notes fade away.

Calandra began playing piano at only 5 years of age, and then formally took lessons from the age of 6. He graduated with a Masters Degree in Music Composition from Queen’s College CUNY. Calandra has several, notable Broadway achievements including playing the Keyboard Book in the original production of “Little Shop of Horrors” and “Phantom of the Opera.” 

He has toured as the Principal Keyboardist for the 1st National Tour of “Les Miserables” and spent a decade as principal keyboardist for “Miss Saigon.” He has composed over 100 film scores for networks like ESPN, CNN, as well as Oprah Winfrey, composed the FIFA World Cup Theme for Fox Sports in 2016, collaborated with the New York Pops Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, and composed music for the honorees biopic for the Kennedy Center Honors, 2015-2020. 

His continued musical evolution as both artist, composer and keyboard player, together with his commitment to his work, has had a lasting impaction on the music industry. 

Keep up to date with Peter Calandra:

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