iskwē reflects on love lost yet transformed in propulsive, textured new single, “End Of It All”



iskwē | ᐃᐢᑫᐧᐤ (short for waseskwan iskwew, meaning “blue sky woman”)’s new release, “End Of It All,” is the follow up to recent single “Sure To Come,” diving into the end of iskwē’s relationship with her ex-wife, one which gave birth to a new beginning as best friends.


First written in Los Angeles with Joey Verskotzi a few years ago as iskwē dealt with a frustrated broken heart while facing the beginning of the unravelling of her marriage, Joey and her collaborated to blend the “frenzy and calm that existed in [iskwē’s] heart at the same time.”


“I was preparing for the end of something special, while simultaneously hoping for a new beginning all with the same person. The evolution of love and friendship,” she explains.

End Of It All” experienced a further evolution in Mexico City, where iskwē worked with producer 7x Grammy nominee Damian Taylor (Björk, Arcade Fire, The Killers, Bomba Estereo). The two were introduced to Chilean musician, Rulo, who stacked saxophone along with flute performed by Tbird Luv


“I found the two instruments really complimented each other, like a conversational back and forth, which was only heightened by an ‘ode to the 90s’ key change midway through the song!” says iskwē.


Speaking of her recent releases, iskwē explains that “these songs really are an inside look at my heart and soul, behind the scenes and behind closed doors – a look I don’t usually offer the outside world. I finally felt ready to open up, to be vulnerable in a new way, and to write the love songs that felt so foreign to me before!”


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