Silent Mass Draws Inspiration from W.B. Yeats on Haunting New Single


Silent Mass is an influential band in Brooklyn’s ever-evolving shoegaze scene. Blending notes of dreampop into their sound, Silent Mass lures you toward the dark matter beneath with sparkling, iridescent sonics on the surface. Their newly released single “Land of Heart’s Desire” was inspired by the Irish author W.B. Yeats and is an ode to our unmet ambitions.

“Land of Heart’s Desire” sounds like swimming through a siren’s den with haunting undercurrents, plunging bass lines, and eerie harmonies that reverberate through the uncharted waters. Inspired by Yeats’ play The Land of Heart’s Desire, Ammo of Silent Mass explored habits of escapism and their presence in her own life while writing this song. “Land of Heart’s Desire” is a journey of self-discovery that forces us to look inward and examine how our dreams that go not chased may lead to lead to setbacks in our own reality.

Ammo of Silent Mass reveals, I wrote the song while reading W.B. Yeats who was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Yeats wrote a play entitled The Land of Heart’s Desire about unfulfilled aspirations and how they can inadvertently affect those around you. This led me to consider the consequences of avoidant behaviors in my own life and uncover the source of my escapism.”

Silent Mass has opened for True Window and recently played the New Colossus Fest in New York. “Land of Heart’s Desire” is their latest release.


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