StrateJacket make the most of the highs and lows of life on self-titled EP


Recommended Tracks: “Be My Drug,” “Living A Lie,” “Truth”
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It doesn’t really feel like January was five months ago, but here we are. The winter is behind us, school is winding down, and the splendors of summer are fast approaching. Looking back on all that has happened so far this year, would you say that you have experienced any highs? Lows? Have you been coasting? Whether you love or hate the journey you are on this year, you can’t help but appreciate the different emotions and situations that arise. Life can’t always be so monotone, and while it might be annoying to go through struggles or heartbreak, it is better to embrace the high highs and low lows than shut them out completely. As you do so, just know that you are not alone; California alt-rock trio StrateJacket is right there with you, going through defining coming-of-age moments and documenting them in catchy and relatable songs. We get to hear these songs on their self-titled debut EP, which combines personal thoughts with excitable punk melodies all for an experience you will want to be a part of again and again.

We are now in May, which is otherwise known as Mental Health Awareness Month. Regardless of how often you keep up with your mental health, it is always important to process how you feel. On the EP, StrateJacket get candid about mental health in tracks like “Bad Start” and “Living A Lie.” A self-deprecating anthem, “Bad Start” takes misunderstood qualities and makes them endearing. It can be easy to find yourself in a therapy session when hearing lines such as “I wonder if I’ll be okay / Will I ever escape this place?” but the mood of the track is light. In the end, StateJacket celebrate their good intentions, making us throw a triumphant fist in the air during the exultant choruses. Meanwhile, “Living A Lie” is sleeker and more succinct. After a cool bass intro, we get open and honest lyrics that were written by drummer Nate Mangold. With an edgy yet breezy style, vocalist Jackson Roemers sings, “It’s hard to act like I’m okay / When I’m struggling / Holding my eyes to stay awake / And then stumbling,” speaking to the feeling of being out of touch with reality.

Just when you thought it was complex enough to deal with yourself, life will throw another person into the mix. We are treated to an enthralling night alone with someone special on “Be My Drug,” where StrateJacket give in to a consuming desire. Over guitar-driven melodies and high-energy drum fills, Jackson sings, “She said be my drug tonight / Getting stoned don’t work no more / She said won’t you be my high? / We’re all alone, no one will ever know,” leading into arousing choruses of, “Won’t! You! Be my drug tonight.” The mood shifts, however, on “Cut The Cord,” where we hear about the challenge of moving on. Containing fresh yet relaxed guitar riffs and choruses that feature tasteful ‘Woah’s, the track attempts to get away from the memory of someone, as reflected in lines like, “I’m still struggling to move on / But sometimes, I’m relieved that you’re gone.”

The EP comes to a close with “Torch,” a mid-tempo track that also leans a little more pop than the others. The change in pace helps lock in the finality of the EP, enhancing the main message of the song and overall vibe of the project. There is a sense of comfort that prevails when listening to lines like, “But as long as you are lost / You have nothing to lose” and “Sometimes you gotta leave to come back home,” reminding fans that it is okay to not have it altogether or to feel out of place. In the end, everyone has doubts about where they’re headed in life – you can’t let that get you down.

These five songs on StrateJacket’s self-titled EP go by in a flash, but they make quite an impression. Each track offers something new to explore, whether it’s a specific message, an arousing chorus, or a fun vocal line. The textures of each song are simply stunning, as melodies feed into solos that build onto choruses… There is also a rawness and an authenticity to StrateJacket’s sound and style that stands out, which is something that Jackson has mentioned before when talking about the band. As they pave the way for a dynamic career, StrateJacket honor California’s punk and alt-rock scenes of the Bay Area, evident in their energy and demeanor. They bring this to the EP, creating an undeniable charm that will keep fans interested and coming back for more.

You can listen to StrateJacket on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

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