Peter Manos recreates magic with Kindness on ‘Do You Turn Red? (Reimagined)’ EP


Recommended Tracks:  Tennessee, Do You Turn Red?, In My Head
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Our favorite bands and artists love to create.  As visionaries, they strive to give us music that is louder, catchier, better than anything we have heard from them before!  Sometimes, they go all out by remixing unique tracks from their latest album, or releasing demos of popular singles that they love from their catalog.  Other times, artists will take things one step further and redo an entire album or EP,  just like Peter Manos has done with his 2020 EP, Do You Turn Red?

Redoing, or reimagining, a collection of songs is not an easy undertaking.  How do you take a track, let alone seven, and give it a new identity?  If possible, you get a talented musician, producer, and songwriter, like Kindness, to help with the process.  For Do You Turn Red? (Reimagined), Kindness took specific elements from the original tracks and split, united, or highlighted them in the new versions.  Whether the changes are obvious or more on the subtle side, there is no doubt that Kindness’ expertise shines through.

For the most part, the reimagined tracks have the same vibe and overall feel of the originals.  When you listen to the reimagined version of “Zach’s Ballad,” for instance, you are still drawn to its melancholy sound, even though the sound is coming from new instruments and accompaniment.  Peter’s vocals have much influence in this, as they still retain their lush R&B timbre on the track, as well as on the rest of the reimagined versions.  Basically, the music and the vocals work together on the new EP to give you something fresh, but their energy and melodies are familiar enough to the point where the stories are not lost in translation.

Of course, the EP contains a few notable differences.  Several of the tracks are more stripped back, such as “In My Head,” while others have more life, such as “At Night.”  A true stand-out on Do You Turn Red? (Reimagined), though, is “You Don’t Know Me.”  Originally, “You Don’t Know Me,” is a classic R&B jam, filled with bright piano chords and crooning vocals.  The reimagined version, however, would thrive in any tropical night club, as its R&B sensibilities have been traded in for bongos and a lighter, more percussive beat.  It is obvious that Kindness and Peter had a great time experimenting with certain parts of each track, finding the best way to redefine their purpose.

On the whole, Do You Turn Red? (Reimagined) is a special reworking of an already perfect masterpiece.  There are unique moments that make you pause and go, “What are they doing here?,” just as there are moments that make you go, “Oh yes, I loved when this happened on the original.”  In the end, Kindness and Peter are just having a bit of fun, doing what true artists do, and giving us more outstanding music to incorporate into our everyday lives.

You can listen to Do You Turn Red? (Reimagined) on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with Peter Manos:  Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // Website



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