happytree wants you to get up and dance with “Don’t Fight It”


Inspired by artists like Outkast, André 3000, and his mom who was a Detroit rapper, happytree had more than enough to go on when it came to creating his own sound.  With such monumental music at his disposal, he was able to properly analyze elements that would help him achieve his own success, incorporating those into his music.  From there, happytree released engaging tracks that centered on detailed lyrics, special flows, and a momentum that only continues to build.  Even though happytree is switching up his sound with his newest single, “Don’t Fight It,” he is still gaining speed and refining an already impeccable sound.

On “Don’t Fight It,” happytree merges hip-hop with house music to create a production that makes you give into temptation.  Over sunny beats, happytree describes the need to put his troubles on the backburner in order to create and pursue what makes him happy.  Encouragingly, he gives us lines like “Fly off, this world is ours” and “Can’t stop, no time to fail,” further promoting the urge to live out your wildest dreams.  It all goes back to this new sound that happytree is exploring, which he clearly could not, and should not, fight.

In the music video, happytree perfectly depicts the message of the track.  We see him looking sharp in a suit, working in an office.  From his actions alone, we can tell that he would rather be doing something more exciting besides paperwork at his desk.  Eventually, he gets up and shamelessly busts a move, getting into some comfier and cool shades in the process.  You can check it out below.

You can listen to “Don’t Fight It” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with happytree:  Instagram // Twitter


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