Natalia M. King is unapologetically herself on ‘Woman Mind of My Own’


Recommended Tracks:  “Aka Chosen”, “Forget Yourself”, “Pink Houses”
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When music came into the life of blues and rock musician Natalia M. King, she knew that there was no other path to take.  Described as someone who is the music rather than an artist who creates the music, Natalia speaks from her soul, sharing songs that can entertain, inform, and inspire.  Her latest album, Woman Mind of My Own, is a testament to this concept, as it takes listeners on an emotional journey full of love, strength, and opportunity.  After listening to the album’s nine tracks, we get a better understanding of what makes Natalia such a unique voice in music today and why her music is so powerful.

Starting with “Woman Mind of My Own” and “Aka Chosen,” the album wastes no time introducing us to Natalia’s world of rock and blues.  The twangy first few notes of the title track give way to her hearty vocals, where Natalia describes owning who she is as a woman.  We then get a fuller production on “Aka Chosen,” which consists of heavy downbeats, hand claps, and a fiery energy.  Natalia openly sings about embracing her sexuality throughout the track, proudly accepting who she is and celebrating the life she is meant to have.  The most robust of the tracks in this realm is “Play On,” which comes near the end of the album.  On “Play On,” Natalia highlights the ways in which life is a game, calling out all of the gambles and bets that we face on the daily.  Natalia definitely reaches down deep on this track, not afraid to give us some gritty vocals that round out the bluesy vibe that comes through.

In contrast to some of these animated tracks, we have slow-burning ballads that focus on relationships.  On the enchanting “Forget Yourself,” Natalia is joined by bright horns and warm sax to create a space where you can simply “forget yourself.”  She invites that special someone in her life to “fall in these loving arms” and relax, knowing that they can both peacefully grow old together.  There is also the sultry “Sunrise to Sunset,” where Natalia describes the love she feels for her lover.  The old-timey production, the strumming of the bass, and the slow and steady electric guitar make the track an irresistible listen, working well to showcase Natalia’s brilliant voice.

Amongst Natalia’s original tracks on this album are three covers:  John Mellencamp’s “Pink Houses,” Sonia Dada’s “(Lover) You Don’t Treat Me No Good,” and George Michael’s “One More Try.”  It is always a risk when an artist decides to take on a song by someone else, as there is the possibility of completely butchering the track or taking away its value.  However, Natalia beautifully inserts her own style into each cover without taking away their original melodies and sentiments.  In a way, she brings new life to these tracks, as if they were her own.

All in all, Woman Mind of My Own is an engaging album that speaks to what life has to offer and what we have to offer as people.  From unconditional love to self-worth, Natalia covers it all, speaking to those out there who are on a similar journey or can relate to what she is feeling.  In the end, the album is a solid reminder to do your best and try to live as authentically as possible, embracing the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

You can listen to Woman Mind of My Own on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

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