Connie Talbot embraces heartache and “Growing Pains”



Growing up is never an easy feat, but doing it in the public eye is a completely different and more complex story. Singer/songwriter Connie Talbot, 22, has proven she has blossomed immensely from the sweet little girl that competed in the first season of Britain’s Got Talent in 2007.

Her new single, “Growing Pains,” is a bittersweet and hopeful pop song that delves into the idea that struggling is temporary. As someone who began her career so young, it is incredibly admirable that she is taking the good and the bad in stride, and promoting that message to her audience.

When describing what the song means to her, Talbot said: “I grew up in the music industry, which did come with its lows as much as the highs were amazing. I feel like there is an unspoken pressure especially when you hit your twenties to have your whole life together. I hope this song reminds people that struggles in the past make us who we are today, and the truth is- we never stop learning and growing and it’s okay to not have your whole life together.”

With a career already spanning almost two decades, Talbot boasts over 575,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Not to mention, Her debut album, 2007’s Over the Rainbow, went gold in the UK and platinum in Southeast Asia. This makes the then-six-year-old the youngest artist in history  to ever achieve a success of that magnitude.

Such an accomplishment cannot come without an incredible pressure to improve, though. Throughout “Growing Pains,” the singer/songwriter’s buttery voice occurs sporadically with layered harmonies, amplifying the clear emotion that is tied to her upbringing.

In the instrumentally sparse but no less captivating bridge, Talbot declares “I’m not afraid of anyone.” a bubbly acoustic guitar leads us out of the bridge and into the end of the song, symbolizing acceptance that negative feelings are bound to happen, and she’ll come out better for it. 

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