NOFUN! takes a DAYTRIP! as they bid Summer farewell


Summer may be bleeding into Fall, but a dip in temperature does not mean that our moods – or playlsists – have to follow suit. L.A.-based music collective NOFUN! has taken this season shift as the perfect opportunity to release their new single, “DAYTRIP!

The group is comprised of nine members: Levi Evans, Dave Coresh, Huebline, SWANN, Garrett Gloom, Mother Wata, Louie Lambo, WADE08, and Zoodeville. Each individual artist hails from a different place with a different background; from alternative rock to bedroom pop to west coast hip hop.

The intro guitar riff almost carries a nostalgic sound, reminiscent of the dreampop anthems that populated indie music scenes from 2016 and beyond. However, as the track progresses, it amasses layers of texture that refuse to adhere to one genre or era – rendering the song timeless.

The collective is a project not entirely unlike Brockhampton – and definitely has the potential to become as prolific as the group – but the presence of a female artist draws more similarities to that of Odd Future.

On that note, several different vocalists lend their emotions and musical expertise to “DAYTRIP!”, oscillating from a gritty rapped verse to a smooth pop-oriented voice over a consistent percussion arrangement.

The ending of the track offers a taste of more acoustic bittersweetness, as if saying not farewell to adolescence and partying, but rather, “see you later.”

Keep up with NOFUN!: Instagram // Spotify // YouTube // Tiktok


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