Upon the release of new single “Rearview Mirror,” Emilio Lanza describes his relationship with music – “It’s my oxygen”


The end of a relationship is never a simple thing to overcome. Often, we find solace in music to help us deal with the difficult feelings that may accompany it – the grief, the anger, the frustration of it all. Perhaps such an experience may persuade us to create art from our negative feelings, as Emilio Lanza did following a breakup with his former partner of 6 years.

Of this single, “Rearview Mirror“, Lanza described its meaning as “a metaphor representing our past, our nightmares, our breakups, our scary thoughts, it can be anything. But the message of the song is positive.”

This positivity can start with the statement that Lanza possesses immense vocal talent, as has been documented by how well-received his covers have been among seasoned professionals in the music industry. Ed Sheeran – a huge inspiration to the Naples-born singer – even shared Lanza’s rendition of one of his songs online.

The song itself is a relatively sparse arrangement of an electronically influenced drum track paired with fingerstyle guitar. The lyrics themselves are catchy, and pair nicely with the at-times grandiose production style. The complete culmination of the track’s aspects are somewhat unexpected, yet still find a way to compliment each other in a manner that can be considered unique and refreshing.

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