18-year-old Véyah emerges with Pop anthem “Funeral 4 My Feelings”


One may not typically expect the beginning of “Here Comes the Bride” to be present in modern music, especially not within an 18-year-old’s energetic pop song. However, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Véyah’s newest single “Funeral 4 My Feelings” opens with the familiar tune, played on an organ. 

Born in Hyderabad, India, but raised just outside of New York City, her sweet vocals begin over a chord progression that continues on the seemingly archaic instrument. Despite the title signifying the end of a life, the organ’s presence in this piece breathes new life into the instrument–and the potential it has in regards to contemporary music. 

The song has characteristics that may please those who grew up listening to vocal powerhouses like Adele and Ariana Grande. If anything, “Funeral 4 My Feelings” focuses on this area of her inspiration—taking lyrical subject matter that may not necessarily contain positive connotations, and churning out a high-energy anthem.

In comparison, some of her other singles tend to adhere to a more R&B rooted sound, with “Almost” drawing similarities to music icon SZA. Véyah’s upper register—or head voice—also produces a sound reminiscent of Billie Eilish‘s earlier work. Such can be heard in 2022 single “Central Jersey,” with a pleasant blend of haunting, breathy lyric delivery and strong, attention-grabbing moments of belting.

Her small but mighty discography does not end there; 2021 track “Love Nwantiti (Remix)” proves that Véyah appeals to more than just an English-speaking audience.

In the short time she has been active as a recording artist, Véyah has remained fluid in her expression of genre, and “Funeral 4 My Feelings” has all but opened the door to a promising presence in the world of Pop.

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