ACTVE CAPTVE provides fuel for the next generation of music lovers with timeless single “Safe N Sound”


Those of us who are now working our way into adulthood and preparing to enter the professional workforce may remember the likes of Walk the Moon, Daft Punk, and Mike Posner dominating the radio waves. And While the radio now seems an archaic way of consuming music, ACTVE CAPTVE is finding innovative ways to keep that invigorating sound alive through their new single, “Safe N Sound.”

This project is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Justin Han, who uses an amalgamation of different genre influences to create the sound that is ACTVE CAPTVE. With an upbringing as a classical pianist, and a rebellious era drumming for punk and blues music, the band’s work strives to create something profound, authentic, and exciting.

Han’s songwriting delves deeply into the human experience, but doesn’t hesitate with including fun and unique embellishments that leave the ear begging to hear more. The song is introduced with a swell of percussion, bass and guitar, that include what sounds to be a cowbell keeping time.

As a groovy and driving bassline leads the piece, sharp vocals cut through the arrangement in a manner that shouldn’t make as much sense as it does. The forward vocals create a radio-marketable pop music sound, overtop of an instrumental track that could almost be described as disco-rock. ACTVE CAPTVE’s work so far proves that music is just as much about the honor of its history as it is about trailblazing and creating new movements.

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