Beren Olivia has released “She’ll be Dancing,” an upbeat track with a punchy drumbeat


British alt-pop artist Beren Olivia has just released “She’ll be Dancing,” an upbeat track with a punchy drumbeat that deserves a place on any summertime playlist. The song was released in anticipation of her upcoming EP, entitiled if we’re being honest. Beren has hopes that this project will provide a sense of comfort to those who tune in to listen.

The energy of the piece masks a somber story of tears and feelings of emptiness in a similar way to “Motion Sickness” by Phoebe Bridgers and much of the 1975’s discography. Beren employs the use of an addictive guitar tone that isn’t unlike the opening guitar drones of “American Teenager” by Ethel Cain.

“I think people are still nervous to talk about mental health openly, so I just want this to be an outlet for them,” she says. “I want people to see me as a good friend and to be an advocate for mental health.”

In the song, Beren sings about a character dancing “with tears in her eyes.” This song sort of becomes an anthem for itself – where a listener can get up from their bed after a period of crying and begin to dance. It allows them to come back to their senses and feel the sweet release of movement.

“The one thing that will forever have me in awe is the fact that not matter the struggles we all face in our lives, no matter how tough it gets, we always find a way to power through and keep moving forward.” Beren says of the track. “With tears in our eyes we keep dancing and I just think that’s amazing.”

It’s not a new concept, either. When I was a teenager, I had MUNA, my sisters had Taylor Swift. Now, young, heartbroken girls will dance along in their childhood bedrooms to the likes of Beren Olivia, Chappell Roan, Olivia Rodrigo, and all who came before.

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