Sadye shows us her “Dark Side” in edgy and hypnotizing new single


It seems that every few years the industry grants us a new blonde bombshell to infiltrate the world of pop, and boy did the industry deliver with powerfully deep and unexpectedly dark Sadye. In her new single, “Dark Side,” Sadye explores a feeling of discomfort with the otherwise-healthy slow burn of a new relationship.

Of the song’s meaning, Sadye detailed: “I was falling in love and I wanted to know everything. Not everyone just rips themselves wide open right away, and having to be patient was healthy but it was killing me.” She continued that she wanted to be as honest as she could, while adding an air of eccentricity and drama.

Such behavior – and being able to pull it off so effortlessly – draws similarities to the aspects of cultural icon Lady Gaga’s music and image that garnered her such high regards. And while fans of Kim Petras, Charli XCX, or Grimes might feel drawn to Sadye, those who grew up listening to the likes of Kesha might feel awakened by “Dark Side.”

The heartbeat-inspired beat feels almost like an ode to Shakira’s 2009 hit “She Wolf.” Sadye also incorporates sound effects such as knife slices, which can be found most notably in Billie Eilish’s 2019 song “you should see me in a crown.” The combination of these aspects prove an appeal to the alternative and unconventional, while showing that Sadye is very in tune with herself, her music, and what audiences deem as commercially desirable.

The complexity that Sadye possesses as an artist have not come without hardships, though. After having dealt with toxic relationships, a struggle to discover self worth, and an intense battle against cancer, she manages to deliver a strong, empowering, and at times sarcastic performance that leaves us begging for more.

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