Lenn wades “waist deep” in tough emotions as she emerges in the music industry


Musical artist Lenn, who has featured with electronic artists Icarus and Grafix, has released the title track of her debut EP “waist deep.” Hailing from the UK, she credits influences from Bon Iver to James Blake to SZA for shaping her musical style.

While these influences can be picked up in her released music, she still manages to cultivate a wholly unique sound – all while maintaining a sultry and attractive tone as she treks through the emotional jungle that is “waist deep.”

Listening to the song, one can already imagine the creative and mind-bending modern dance routines that could be choreographed to such an expertly arranged piece. 

The opening of the single sounds distant, as if the singer’s voice is coming through a telephone. These chilling vocals follow a distorted voice effect that draws similarities to Melanie Martinez’s “Soap,” which appeared on her 2015 album Crybaby.

The introductory verse – which could inspire hypnotizing choreographic syncopation – is joined by a menacing drum beat around the 0:42 mark, inviting the listener into the emotional tug of lyrics that yearn for something; but what?

Perhaps Lenn yearns for the years of musical influence she missed. The artist grew up in a small town in Hertfordshire where the only music played in her home was Christian music. Maybe, Lenn yearns to be understood. Or perhaps to let her listeners know that she understands them.

Of the making of the single, Lenn has said: “Getting to this stage has been a long journey. I’m proud of the music and grateful to all those who have come alongside me. It would be on brand for me to muse on the low moments and pressures I’ve experienced doing this, but the music communicates a lot of that and I just hope it resonates and is a comfort to those going through it.”

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