Nashon Sets the Indie-Punk Scene Ablaze with His Passionate New Single “runaway”


Photo Credit: SJ Spreng

Nashon is kicking off the summer with an indie-punk banger that leaves a mark just like a sunburn. His new single “runaway” is the first song off his upcoming EP MARTYR; ACT III. Written about a magnetic connection that lures Nashon toward a bold escapade on the outskirts of society, “runaway” chronicles the intense feeling of falling in love and the sense that nothing else matters.

Over a riptide of electric riffs that pull you deeper toward the heart of the track, crisp and catastrophic percussion, and a defiant vocal that explores new territory, “runaway” is everything but expected. Nashon sings, “I just wanna run away with you / Fly around the world in 80 days with you.” It’s a track built on contrast. Between cathartic choruses and understated bridges, and moments that feel like they could last forever despite their destined end. Nashon possesses the clarity to see both sides clearly and tells the story of his fated romance with the vibrancy of standing right there with him.

Revealing more on his track, Nashon confides, “I wrote and recorded “runaway” three years ago. I was rapping previously, and wanted to try singing for the first time without autotune. Indie rock vibes were the easiest for me to sing, so I ran with it. It’s about my now ex-girlfriend.”
Nashon is a New Jersey-born artist now based in California. Departing from his hip-hop roots into the indie-punk scene, “runaway” marks a new chapter for Nashon as an artist.

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