Kevin Ross Gives Us a Bite of His Unreleased, Full-Length ‘Midnight Microdose’


Recommended Tracks: “Show & Prove”, “Cocoa”, “First Dose”
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Are you tired of sifting through R&B, only to be met by a canon of the same ten names in a feeding frenzy over a cesspool of sonics? Then have I got the collection for you! Welcome to Midnight Microdose Vol. 1 from Kevin Ross, who is singlehandedly spearheading independent voices to the forefront of R&B. This six track EP is the first chapter of Ross’ upcoming full-length Midnight Microdose album, and every fleeting second is a page-turner. 

Kevin Ross is a cinematic thinker, and for him, the most important moment is that in which you press play. His introductory track, “First Dose”, was released alongside his “Introludes” playlist on Spotify – celebrating the transportive initial effects of a first listen. “First Dose” breaks the fourth wall with a bizarre opening address. An ambiguous voiceover beacons, “Hello, and welcome to a Midnight Microdose. Thank you for taking this trip with us.” The intro progresses into an effervescent cliff dive through the subconscious of Kevin Ross as he layers in a whimsical vocal over celestial reverberations. He repeats, “Take what you need from me,” warmly inviting his audience to fall deeper into the experience of momentary bliss.

The VO effect seems to be a consistent thread throughout the Midnight Microdose Vol. 1 journey, making its reappearance on track five, “Infomercial”. This interlude clocking in at a mere 30 seconds is thought-provoking, impeccably tailored to the Ross experience, and will leave you sporting a sly grimace. Voiceover, let’s call him ‘guide’, reads “Kevin Ross is proven to be one of the most slept on brands in the industry. What’s that you say? Never heard of him. Exactly! Even more reason to order the best kept secret to a good nights rest or your money back guaranteed. Kevin Ross – feel free to sleep on me.” With a flair for spinning tropes of old advertisements under a filter of vintage distortion, Kevin Ross builds an eerie parallel universe above the clouds. Whether you’re cognizant of it or not, Kevin Ross is luring you further into a dream with every unexpected turn this EP takes. 

Simultaneously lurking beneath the cloak of aesthetics is grippingly honest lyricism strewn over raw beats. Ross has the ability to be both extravagant and salt of the Earth all at once. On second track, “Show & Prove” he demonstrates his innermost desire to escape his wild imagination and dive into something unfiltered. He sings, “Miss me with fantasies, I hate imagining – rather it happening all on top of me. You and that Georgia peach dripping with every squeeze…” He keeps up the momentum on third track “Cocoa” with a buzzingly infectious beat, vocal diversion, and a sublimely sensual riff on the keys. He remains true to his romantic nature as exhibited in his previous body of work while elevating his persona to the next level with passionately progressive sonics. 

Being the first glimpse at Kevin Ross’ unreleased, full-length project, Midnight Microdose Vol. 1 naturally leaves you craving more. It feels like this is the first phase of Ross’ mind-altering ascension into the unconcious, and he’s surely taking his listeners with him. He’s already made history as the first independent artist with two consecutive singles in the top 20 on Billboard’s Adult R&B Airplay at once. Now, he’s ready change the landscape of R&B forever, and it all begins with Midnight Microdose Vol. 1. 

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