Camille Schmidt Breathes Life Into the Evolving Indie-Folk Scene with Sparkling New EP


Camille Schmidt is a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn taking the indie-folk scene by storm with her new six-track EP entitled Good Person. Schmidt remains unabashedly honest and real throughout her project as she addresses that struggles that come with being a people pleaser, perfectionist, and unrelenting optimist through it all. Good Person expresses gratitude for the ever-evolving condition of being human as Schmidt makes peace with her past on this grippingly powerful EP.

The project was produced by Phil Weinrobe who has previously worked with artists among the likes of Adrianne Lenker and Tomberlin. Opening track “Your Game” comes alive with bustling riffs, rolling percussion, and deeply ethereal vocals that tell the story of a hazy situationship. Schmidt’s fifth song “Wake Up” enthralls you from the start with an ear-catching riff and ups the momentum with shifting vocal dynamics that reflect on breaking toxic thought patterns. Her closing number “Bird on a Telephone Wire” is a touching profile on how love and people change over time, and sometimes, it’s entirely out of our control.

Revealing more on her EP, Schmidt confides, “This EP is very much about struggle, about process – specifically the process of becoming. And looking back at all the things you’ve been through in your childhood, looking back on the different versions of yourself you’ve been in friendships and relationships, the different fake versions of self you’ve presented to the world (as well as looking directly at the fucked up things happening in the world) and then sort of asking with a real honest earnest hope, is there something else? And then betting with your life that there is.” 

Good Person was created through an abstract recording process where producer Phil Weinrobe asked Schmidt to disregard any semblance of a track list and play whatever song she felt called to play that day with her band. As Schmidt and the band began to play around, Weinrobe would hit record when he sensed them entering prime territory that he called “the pocket.” Good Person is Camille Schmidt’s latest release.


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