FireBug Sparks a Movement on Innovative Anthem “RED, WHITE AND BLUE”


Out of Joshua Tree, CA, FireBug is a revolutionary rock duo urging us to break free from forces and thought patterns that divide us. Their uplifting new single “RED, WHITE AND BLUE” is a powerful statement that inspires listeners to lean into what unites us as people rather than what tears us apart. It’s a harmonious anthem that encourages us to practice empathy and realize that we are each battling our own struggles.

“RED, WHITE AND BLUE” roars with supercharged riffs, pounding percussion, and an iconoclast vocal that demands to be heard. FireBug notes on a long journey ahead and the winds of change that push past the horizon toward a burgeoning movement. “RED, WHITE AND BLUE” asks us to turn inward and focus on what we truly desire rather than getting swept away in the propaganda of the modern world. FireBug taps into the spirit of rock and roll on their trailblazing torch for tomorrow and assures us that together, our power is unmatched.

Jules from FireBug reveals, “This is a song about peace, coming together, and moving away from the divisiveness that has permeated much of our culture here in the U.S.. It’s also about recognizing the struggles of everyday people that come from all backgrounds who are just trying to live their lives free from the burdens that plague us all in varying degrees. We have more in common than what separates us.  Ultimately, love is better than hate and there is hope the American dream is still attainable for us all.”

FireBug has played with icons among the likes of Iggy Pop, The Cult, and Iron Maiden to name a few. “RED, WHITE AND BLUE” is their latest release.



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