Star2 and FG Fame Captain the Next Wave of Ka-Ren Pop on New Single “I Don’t Like You”


Star2 is a Ka-ren artist who is uplifting the voices of his people. Born into the Mae La refugee camp, Star2 weaves in messages of overcoming struggles and pursuing your wildest dreams into his music. His latest single “I Don’t Like You” is an exciting collaboration between Star2 and a fellow Ka-ren artist, FG Fame. FG Fame and Star2 captivate with a narrative surrounding a head-over-heels infatuation from a crush who spreads rumors about dating both Star2 and FG Fame to get their attention.

“I Don’t Like You” draws together lush string accents, an addicting progression of beats, and energetic vocals that fit together seamlessly. Filmed in Bangkok, the music video for the track brings the story to life as Star2 and Fame confront the girl in town who’s been lying about their relationships. It comes as a surprise that this is only the first collaboration between FG Fame and Star2 as they balance each other out with natural dynamics that add a layer of contrast to the track. “I Don’t Like You” brings us back to a schoolyard crush as Star2 and FG Fame reminisce on a dramatic former flame who bended the truth in hopes of winning their hearts.

Revealing more on the track, Star2 admits, “FG Fame likes to sing romantic songs and so do I! “I Don’t Like You” is fun and light. We had a good time filming the video in Bangkok. Ka-ren artists are underrated. The world will soon see their talent.”

Star2 is in the midst of executive producing an upcoming album set for 2025. The album will feature FG Fame and other Ka-ren voices from around the world, once again demonstrating Star2’s tireless dedication to his people.

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