Melbourne’s Lipstereo Releases Their Jaw-Dropping Live EP


Lipstereo is fighting a garage-tinged tug of war with the prime of their youth and coming of age on their latest Live at Bakehouse EP. Fresh out of Melbourne, this four-piece rock band grew up on VHS tapes of Blondie and the Ramones, only to be fused together over their teenage obsession with a decadent pantheon of indie icons (The Strokes, Weezer, Arctic Monkeys). This collision of genre is a match made in heaven that bleeds into the nostalgia-stroked sonics and electric daydream buzz inherent to the Lipstereo spirit. 

Lead singer Sam Stranges has a voice with a bluesy charcoal to it that brings out the grit laced riffs and soul striking percussion all impossibly recorded during a single session. The three track EP features “You Got The Things”, “Push The Tide”, and “Feedback” for a collection that dwells on the bands swift and stirring maturation into adulthood. On “Feedback”, Stranges sings, ”Cause you’re the fondness I’ll hold dear but won’t remember/ I’ll remember the good times baby/ I’ll remember the childish things we’ve done/ I remember the bad times lately/ So I forget all the lessons that we learned.” You can listen to the Live at Bakehouse EP below.

Listen on spotify, here.

The Live at Bakehouse EP was recorded in New York at the Scrap Museum for a worldwide streamed event benefiting children’s charities – “Let Me Help – Children Of The World”.

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