Middle Part finds Solace in Connection on Powerful New Single “Dial *”


Middle Part is an unexpectedly familiar pop artist who draws inspiration from the ’90s and 2000s to coat his sound in redefined nostalgia. His latest single “Dial *” is a deeply introspective, soul-bearing profile on reaching out to connect during life’s darkest moments. Grappling with depression, feelings of isolation, and suicidal tendencies, “Dial *” captures the powerful turning point for Middle Part when he realized that life was worth fighting through.

“Dial *” is filled with iridescent beats, diluted strokes of percussion, and poignant acoustic riffs that juxtapose the explosively electric chorus. Both ruminative and cathartic all at once, the single takes you through Middle Part’s inner-psyche with a vocal that transcends the listener-to-artist boundary and makes you feel like your right inside his head with him. “Dial *” sheds light on the hardships of human experience and reminds us that there is always hope waiting on the other end of the phone.


Revealing more on his track, Middle Part admits, “Lyrically, this song revisits a very particular grim time and serves as an acknowledgement of never wanting to personally return to such a low. The massive weight of the song’s themes are juxtaposed with a familiar pop format. Its intent, like much of the record, is to upset the complacent mainstream.”

“Dial *” will be featured on Middle Part’s debut album Disruptor. He has been featured on Spotify playlists including Fresh Finds and New Noise. “Dial *” is his latest release.

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