Donna Lewis Emerges with a Reverent Tribute to Nurses on “Corridors”


Donna Lewis is a monumental storyteller known for her record-breaking single “I Love You, Always Forever”. Her infectious hit set the standard for American Radio to come as the first song to break one million spins on US radio. Her latest single “Corridors” is written about Lewis’ journey with breast cancer and the nurturing characters who helped guide her through treatment. A fragment from her upcoming album Rooms With A View, “Corridors” reflects on the complex fears, emotions, and obstacles that Lewis encountered after her diagnosis.

Produced by the acclaimed electronic artist Holmes Ives, “Corridors” will transfix you with vibrant plunges of synth, groove-infused basslines, and mesmerizing clouds of percussion. Lewis tugs on the heart strings with an enchanting vocal that reminisces on her friendship with her favorite nurse, Eileen. She croons, “Wrap me up like you always do.” Over a myriad of iridescent atmospherics, Lewis delivers with a profound tribute to nurses across the world.

Revealing more on her track, Lewis admits, “I absolutely hate needles and when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021, I dreaded all the needles that would come with treatment. But then I met Eileen. This song is really a love letter to this amazing, caring, nurse!  She was so sweet and gentle and would wrap my arm up with such care before I set off down the corridors to my treatment room.  I had many other amazing nurses on my journey, and this is really a shout out to all of them.”

Donna Lewis found out she had breast cancer just before the 25th anniversary of her smash hit “I Love You, Always Forever”. She has used music to contextualize her experience and is even set to become an ambassador for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Rooms With A View is her highly anticipated upcoming album and “Corridors” is her latest single.




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