LACES Searches for Her Former Self in Reflections on Heartbreak with “None of You”


LACES is a powerful alt-pop artist offering moving insight on the aftermath of a breakup with her latest single “None of You”. Noting on the natural tendency to loose your grip on identity in the throes of an intense affair, “None of You” speaks to the ghost of her former self that now only exists in the time before her heart got broken. LACES captures the plummeting feeling of how her dissatisfactory situationship left her missing not only the person she fell for, but also fragments of the girl she used to be. 

“None of You” will captivate your senses with dark notes of piano that dive through an abyss, steady notes of percussion that blossom as the track peaks, and a high-soaring vocal that feeds off itself with transcendent harmonies. LACES emotions crash like a wave over the brooding crescendos at the heart of her track. “None of You” is a boundless reverie on the search for fulfillment that follows the comedown from a reality-wrenching romance. 

Revealing more on her track, LACES admits, “This song is about the feeling you get when you leave a relationship or situationship with half of yourself and none of the person you were involved with. You’re left with envy, parts of yourself you don’t recognize and a side of confusion. How do you move on when you are forever changed?”

LACES writes and produces music for Hasbro cartoons such as Jem & the Holograms, Baby Alive, Littlest Pet Shop, Equestria Girls. Her music has also been featured on the CW, Netflix, and ABC. “None of You” is her latest release.


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