Chloé Caroline reflects on what ifs and heartache in “When We Were Older”


Chloé Caroline is gearing up for the release of her latest EP, The Awakening Vol. 2, this summer. Before that, she must move on from a breakup in her new single, “When We Were Older”. The track follows the first three singles from The Awakening Vol. 2: “Manifest”, “94” and “Boyish.” The emotionally-charged indie pop track, “When We Were Older”, forces Caroline to reflect on a past relationship from her youth. Yet, the idea of “what ifs” makes her question if meeting later in life — if they were older, or even wiser — would have changed what could have been.

Relationships are meant to be about growth and learning, and oftentimes we don’t get a chance to try again. But Caroline’s “When We Were Older” embodies the idea that you could meet your ex after those lessons had already been learned. And with a dream pop touch. With a dream pop touch, Caroline’s smooth vocals and synth bass carry her lyrics: “If you saw me on the street sipping coffee looking lonely, would you notice me enough to want to get to know me?”

She continues, “Maybe we wouldn’t be over if we met when we were older”, letting her soulful delivery capture the “what ifs” and possibilities through electronic pop elements.

Caroline previously released Vol. 1 last March, accumulating 725,000 streams. Now, The Awakening Vol. 2 serves as the prequel, exploring the messiness of heartbreak and what one must do to get over someone, heal and find comfort after the pain, as she dives into her spiritual awakening.

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Clare Gehlich
Clare Gehlich
Clare is a recent Stony Brook University graduate, holding a BA in Journalism. She was a journalism intern at Melodic for the spring 2024 semester and currently serves as the album coordinator and is a freelance writer for the magazine.

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