The Dionysus Effect is Coming to You Live From the Gates of Hell with “Never Never”


What does The Dionysus Effect sound like? Inspired by the Greek God of ecstasy himself, the New York based rock trio fuses iron-melting riffs, vicious undercurrents of bass, and a vocal that addictively sears the ear on their freshly released soul bender “Never Never”. Written about the volcanic passion, deep-cut devotion, and thunderous fury that unfolds over a fated romance, The Dionysus Effect captures the intensity of a natural disaster with their earthquake-inducing sound from underground. 

With allusions to death and destruction biting at the lyrics heels, “Never Never” will lure you to the gallows with sonics that surf the River Styx. Lead singer and bassist Christoph Paul sings, “I wrote this eulogy for what we used to be.” He juxtaposes extremes; “Never Never gonna be your heaven,” and “Never Never gonna let this die.” You can give the hell-raising bit of grit in the ‘cocaine rock’ canon a listen below.

In the band’s words, “Never Never” is:

“A bluesy-rock break-up song about never breaking up with someone because the passion you feel for them is just too strong.”

The Dionysus Effect is transforming New York with an infectious live circut where the band believes that Dionysus himself lends his energy to the crowd. “Never Never” is their latest release, building upon a labyrinth of sublime, otherworldly tales that simultaneously speak to our salt of the earth humanity. 

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