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Top Tracks: “Doomsday Blue”, “Tsunami (11:11)”, “Egregore”
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Poppy, Cassyette, Jazmin Bean
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Recently made it into the finals to represent Ireland at Eurovision 2024

Bambie Thug is an artist in the truest sense. Having created their own genre — “Ouija pop” — and serving as a self-proclaimed Nightcore Barbie, Irish rising star Bambie Thug is a force to be reckoned with, and may be compared to other pop icons who have seemingly created their own universe to bestow upon the world. In the words of DIY Magazine, “It’s almost as if they’re Lady Gaga’s final boss form.”

Equally provocative, unique and talented, Bambie Thug is a refreshing and electrifying dose of excitement for modern music. Combining infectious pop melodies, emotive lyrics and heavy metal-infused breakdowns, Bambie Thug is both pop icon and metal tidal wave as they deliver a musicality that is haunting, addicting and paralyzing. Bambie Thug has recently come into the spotlight as they became Ireland’s representative for this year’s Eurovision competition. On May 7 it was announced that Bambie Thug has progressed even further into the competition, now qualifying for the final round of Eurovision 2024. It just may soon be time to crown the witch.

With an intense live show and transcendent stage presence, Bambie Thug is a powerful representative for Ireland that is pushing the boundaries of the art typically seen at Eurovision. Representing Ireland with the song “Doomsday Blue” off their 2023 debut album Cathexis, Bambie Thug is the first Irish artist to make it into the Eurovision finals since 2018. The non-binary artist originally made their musical debut in 2021 with their single “Birthday” and gained fame with their 2022 single “Tsunami (11:11).” They soon took the stage at both Download Festival and The Great Escape in 2023. Taking inspiration from a variety of artists — everyone from Britney Spears to Led Zeppelin to Nina Simone — Bambie Thug refuses to confine themself to one genre. Serving as a rebel against both pop and metal worlds, Bambie Thug has coined the term “Ouija pop” for their hyperpunk electro-pop music.

Bringing a witchy-infused energy to their intense artistry, Bambie Thug already serves as an imitable artist who is going against the grain of what modern pop typically calls for. Several artists — namely Abba and Måneskin — have both won Eurovision and gone on to achieve worldwide fame. For this reason, Bambie Thug is an artist who you just might want to keep on your radar.

The Eurovision 2024 grand final will take place on Saturday, May 11.

Be sure to stream “Doomsday Blue” and more music from Bambie Thug on Spotify and Apple Music.

Photo Credit: Evan Doherty

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