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Top Tracks: “Wild Ones (feat. Jelly Roll)”, “Son of a Bitch”, “Always Been You”
Similar Artists:
Lauren Spencer Smith, Natalie Jane, Amy Winehouse
Recent News:
Her upcoming “Live in the Sticks” tour begins April 3; Released her latest single “Son of a Bitch” on February 23.

It isn’t often that an artist can confidently label themselves as “genreless,” but Nashville-based popstar Jessie Murph does so effortlessly, saying that she enjoys the freedom that comes with not defining yourself. Murph originally got her start in the music scene by posting cover songs on TikTok and not soon after she began posting original works until eventually making her official debut in 2021 with her single “Upgrade.” Since then, the Alabama native has become a viral TikTok star with over one billion global streams across all platforms and over 10 million social media followers.

After her 2021 inaugural release, Murph released a stream of singles until her 2023 album drowning. She’s collaborated with a number of different artists of various genres, including a single with country singer and rapper Jelly Roll. This track, titled “Wild Ones,” is Murph’s most popular track to date, with over 100 million streams on Spotify.

Murph’s most recent musical effort is her single “Son of a Bitch.” Paired with a music video where the singer takes on an Amy Winehouse-meets-Mob Wife aesthetic, the song depicts Murph singing of a man who did her wrong and caused her to become a woman scorned. In this release, as well as throughout her entire musical career, Murph has seamlessly taken influences from rap, country and R&B to create a sound that is dark, edgy and uniquely her own. Using her powerful and raspy vocals to emphasize a genre that brings southern country culture together with modern rap, Murph is the perfect embodiment of “genreless” – just like she wants to be.

Be sure to stream “Son of a Bitch” on Spotify and Apple Music.

Now, Murph is set to embark on her “Live in the Sticks” tour throughout April and May. Touring with support from Matt Schuster and Shaboozey – two of her favorite artists, as she said on Instagram – the tour is already sold out in many cities. Following this tour, Murph is playing numerous festivals throughout spring and summer, including Bottle Rock, Boston Calling and Summerfest. Later this year, Murph has said she’s set to release a project that emulates pure feminine rage.

Tickets for Jessie Murph’s “Live in the Sticks” tour are available here.

April 3 Wallingford, CT
April 5 Harrisburg, PA
April 6 Albany, NY
April 7 Buffalo, NY
April 9 Cincinnati, OH
April 11 Grand Rapids, MI
April 12 Madison, WI
April 13 Bloomington, IN
April 16 Urbana, IL
April 17 Columbia, MO
April 19 Des Moines, IA
April 20 Omaha, NE
April 21 Boulder, CO
April 25 Oklahoma City, OK
April 26 Tulsa, OK
April 27 Lawrence, KS
April 29 Louisville, KY
April 30 Knoxville, TN
May 1 Chattanooga, TN
May 3 Charlotte, NC

Keep up with Jessie Murph: Instagram // TikTok // Spotify // YouTube


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