The Backroad Baptism Tour with Jelly Roll delivers an epic night of emotions at The Orion Amphitheater


Jelly Roll, alongside Struggle Jennings and Caitlynne Curtis, united for the Backroad Baptism Tour in Huntsville, AL. Despite it being a Tuesday night with school starting the next morning, the Orion Amphitheater was completely sold out with over 8,000 enthusiastic attendees. The event felt like a joyous homecoming party.

The night was masterfully hosted by Josh Meyers, who engaged the crowd with his unique covers of popular songs, eliciting laughter and enthusiastic participation. Each artist’s performance was seamlessly connected by Josh’s interactions, ensuring a consistently high-energy atmosphere. Caitlynne Curtis took the stage and delivered an exceptional performance, showcasing her incredible vocal talent and leaving a lasting impression. Her band members added to the warm-up, setting the stage for a series of outstanding acts. Their passion for the music was evident through their radiant smiles and enthusiasm.


Struggle Jennings and his band followed, captivating the crowd with an electrifying intro leading into a mix of country and hip-hop songs like “Troubadour,” “Alligator Boots,” and “Struggle is Real.” Struggle’s blend of musical styles, featuring riffing guitars and traditional western elements like the fiddle, thrilled the audience. He also performed powerful duets with Caitlynne Curtis, leaving everyone in awe of their deep crooning and harmonies.

Jelly Roll took the stage, greeted by the roaring chants of the eager audience. His hour and 40-minute set included a mix of his classic hits and new songs, ensuring everyone got their favorite tunes. The concert was a rollercoaster of emotions, with people dancing, singing, and even shedding tears. Jelly Roll’s infectious smile throughout the night reflected his appreciation for performing in this special venue. Friendship was displayed throughout the night as well, as Jelly Roll’s whole team filled both side of the stages for his epic performance and when Struggle Jennings, who has been best friends with Jelly Roll for 20 years, joined him on stage for an unforgettable performance of Fall in the Fall.


The lighting and stage design were impeccable, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere that perfectly complemented the tour’s theme. From religious motifs to a trailer park and the streets of Nashville, each set was visually captivating, enhanced by impressive effects like pyrotechnics and falling sparklers during Save Me.

Jelly Roll fondly reminisced about his early days as a regular performer at the Benchwarmer in Huntsville, making the event feel like a warm homecoming for both him and his friends. The show lived up to Jelly Roll’s motto of delivering “real music for real people with real problems,” providing a night of celebration, therapy, and healing for the audience. The Backroad Baptism Tour undoubtedly stands as the highlight show of the year.

The tour continues through October of 2023. For upcoming shows, visit

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Photos and Review by Adam Colwell (@pixelsoftheimagination)


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