Kayla DiVenere’s New Single “Small Talk” is a Modern-Day John Hughes Love Song


A multi-faceted pop star on the rise, 20-year-old musician and actress Kayla DiVenere has released her new single “Small Talk”. Conveying young love through a vintage lens, DiVenere’s newest effort balances a modern pop sound with a coming-of-age love story.

Following the release of her recent hit singles “Date Myself” and “Jumping the Gun”, the LA-based artist continues to express her own unique creative vision. After making her musical debut in 2020 with the release of her single “Justin Bieber”, DiVenere has since established herself as a credible and diverse artist as she’s managed to balance music alongside acting.

Her love of both came around the same time, when she was six years old. Having starred in works such as  “Love, Victor” and “Law and Order”, DiVenere continues to tackle both artistic ventures.

“With music and acting, it just came so naturally and randomly,” she says. “It just feels like I was meant to do it. I can’t see myself doing anything else.”

Balancing the two can often get difficult, DiVenere says, but she’s gotten used to the chaos. While both crafts are different in their approach, DiVenere says that both have a key of vulnerability to them that allows her to remain honest while tapping into different parts of herself.

“Even when I’m stepping into a character, I try to add some aspects of myself into that character,” she says. “Same thing with music. I mean, I can’t imagine trying to not be me in front of  the whole world and keep that up for the rest of my life.”

In her newest musical effort, DiVenere is her truest self as she tells a vulnerable story from her life. After developing a crush on her brother’s best friend, DiVenere was eventually inspired to confess her feelings in a way she knew best – through songwriting.

“I’ve had a crush on my brother’s best friend since I was like 14,” she says. “He comes over all the time and I always have these short conversations with him. I was getting so fed up and I was like ‘God I want to know him deeper than this. I know that we could have a meaningful conversation. I want more than this small talk that we’re having.’”

Thus, “Small Talk” was born. Heavily influenced by DiVenere’s love of old school romance and John Hughes films,  DiVenere has gone on to infuse her entire aesthetic with the charm and feel of an 80s movie.

I think that the 80s rom-coms are very different from the rom-coms now,” she says. “I like them so much better in the past because I feel like they really take the moments to introduce everything and let it affect you rather than shoving so much in your face all at once and hoping that it sticks…I just think there’s something so nostalgic and authentic to it.”

When it comes to “Small Talk”, an extremely confessional work, DiVenere felt no hesitation to release the track.

“I think every one of my songs captures a moment of time in my life,” she says. “I listen to them all and I’m transported right back. I think it’s like my own little diary that I get to share with the world, which is really cool.”

Following “Small Talk”, DiVenere doesn’t plan to slow down. Hoping to release a new single at least every couple of months, an EP will come out when she feels ready, she says. More live shows and touring are also on her horizon.

At a young age, DiVenere has already proven herself to be a talented star. Writing light-hearted pop music that is nostalgic and fun yet maintains a slight edge, DiVenere creates work that is authentic, romantic and relatable. Just like a John Hughes movie.

I hope that [listeners] get the same thing I get out of listening to music, which is knowing you’re not alone and being able to relate to someone else who’s been through the same thing,” she says. “Or even a change in mood. If you’re having a bad day and you listen to a fun song and feel better, [it’s] just a way to escape or have a good time and relate.”

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