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Top Tracks: “More Than Friends”, “Tripping Over Air”, “Out Of My League”
Similar Artists:
Stephen Dawes, Wallows, ROLE MODEL
Recent News:
Will embark on his ‘Supernova: How’s It Gonna End?’ tour on April 16 with support from Casey Baer and Stevie Bill.

Writing upbeat indie pop music that is both romantic and nostalgic, Florida native and rising pop star Aidan Bissett is no stranger to the limelight. In 2023, the singer-songwriter graced the stages of Lollapalooza and ended the year with his headlining ‘Supernova’ tour. He has continued to release a steady string of singles throughout his musical career, and his most recent musical effort is the extended version of his 2023 EP Supernova that he released on February 23, 2024. Now, Bissett is out on another headlining tour, the ‘Supernova: How’s It Gonna End? tour where he’ll be supported by indie pop artists Casey Baer and Stevie Bill.

Taking inspiration from his favorite artists, Bissett’s music is heavily influenced by acts such as Wallows, Mac DeMarco and even classic rock bands like The Kinks and Queen. Raised by his dad’s love for classic rock as a kid, Bissett first picked up the guitar in second grade. However, it wasn’t until his sophomore year of high school that he tackled music head on, often staying up until 3 AM on school nights figuring out how to record music on his computer. This hard work payed off, as not too long after posting his music on TikTok, promoting himself on social media and gaining viral fame, Bissett was signed onto Capitol Records at the young age of 18.

Bissett’s first musical release was his 2020 single “Different.” Over the years, he continued to release numerous dreamy and anthemic tracks, including hits such as “Planet” and “Out Of My League.” At the start of 2024, Spotify officially included him as a pop rising artist to watch, listing his single “Ultraviolet” as an essential track. The enthusiastic rising star has expressed gratitude for the community and fame that TikTok has brought him, even going on to say that Blu DeTiger, who’s been labeled ‘TikTok’s bass queen’ by the Washington Post and numerous other platforms, helped to connect him with producers in the industry.

Praised for his onstage energy and the catharsis of hearing his songs played live, Bissett is definitely a rising indie artist to keep on your radar. Right now he’s on his headlining tour, and if music fans want a taste of Bissett’s out-of-this-world musicality and lighthearted charisma, buy tickets to his ‘Supernova: When’s It Gonna End?’ tour here.

Stream his tour setlist Spotify playlist here.

Aidan Bissett Tour Dates:
April 16 Seattle, WA
April 17 Vancouver, BC
April 19 San Francisco, CA
April 20 Sacramento, CA
April 22 Santa Ana, CA
April 23 Los Angeles, CA
April 26 Houston, TX
April 28 St. Louis, MO
April 29 Minneapolis, MN
April 30 Chicago, IL
May 2 Detroit, MI
May 3 Columbis, OH
May 5 Pittsburgh, PA
May 7 Brooklyn, NY
May 9 Charlotte, NC
May 10 Nashville, TN
May 11 Atlanta, GA
May 14 Orlando, FL
May 15 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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