Casey Baer has post-traumatic ex disorder on “ptxd”


Music has always been a form of therapy for LA pop artist Casey Baer, who does not shy away from incorporating sensitive topics into her songs. Using her self-awareness and songwriting skills, she is able to remind her listeners that they are not alone in what they’re going through, simultaneously offering a shoulder to lean on and music to scream or cry to. She has taken this ability with her from place to place, joining artists such as Jesse McCartney and Tokio Hotel on tours across the US and in Europe, and in venues like Madison Square Garden and Dodgers Stadium. In this way, she has accumulated 350K followers on TikTok, 162K followers on Instagram, and over 10M streams on digital streaming platforms, her fans showing their support. With her new single “ptxd,” Casey shows her support right back with one that goes out to those going through a complicated breakup – a breakup that may trigger post-traumatic ex disorder.

A mystical pop rock gem, “ptxd” delivers all the anger and annoyance geared towards an ex post-breakup while realizing the toxic aspects of the relationship. Over stirring percussion and guitar, Casey identifies the parts of herself that have been affected, well aware of her feelings. With her infectious vocals, she sings, “Oh, I’m so easily triggered / I thought my skin would be thicker / ‘Cause I promised myself that I’d be fine / Now I’ve got ptxd.” Meanwhile, she lets the ex know how badly she is hurting with lines like, “Look at what you did to me / Tore my fuckin’ heart out / Ruined all my memories.” You can check it out below.

Telling us more about the inspiration behind her music, Casey explains,

“I’m a very open and honest person in my music, which stems from me not being the most forthcoming with my emotions when I was younger. I have dealt with major anxiety since I was a kid, and songwriting was the first outlet that truly allowed me to express myself. I want my music to remind people that they’re not alone in their struggles. Giving myself the freedom to feel has changed my life, and I hope to help others do the same.”

You can listen to “ptxd” on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Keep up with Casey Baer: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube // TikTok // Website


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