Anna Shoemaker and Middle Part sort through their anxiety on “It’s Depression”


Last month, indie pop artist Anna Shoemaker released “Sick!” from her upcoming album.  Filled with incessant beats and introspective lyrics, “Sick!” established a new sound for the singer-songwriter that brought her outside of the bedroom pop realm.  The track made for a compelling first single for the album, teasing us as to what more we could expect from the new project.  As Anna continues to introduce fans to her more mature sound, she is teaming up with her good friend Middle Part to give us the album’s second single, “It’s Depression.”

A bold and beaming track, “It’s Depression” defies its weighty title with lively guitar riffs, sprightly percussion, and flourishing choruses.  The track simply radiates positivity through these elements, almost convincing the listener that there is nothing too serious going on in the lyrics.  Of course, when zeroing in on the verses, we hear otherwise.  Anna and Middle Part dive into the complexity of coming to peace with an ex, describing how the thoughts in their minds lead to some unintended consequences.  They sing, “Tell me that you want me back and I’ll stop overthinking everything that I do and all I say to you / It’s not really what I had in mind,” showing how the head and the heart do not mesh at times.  You can check it out below.

Commenting on the track, Anna mentions,

“Middle Part and I similarly overthink a lot of things and, to me, that’s kind of what this is about.  It’s an anxiety attack in a song.”

Until Anna’s album drops next year, you can listen to “It’s Depression” on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with Anna Shoemaker:  Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // YouTube // Website

Keep up with Middle Part:  Instagram // Twitter // YouTube // Website


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