Shibashi joins forces with Aoife for exultant “All The Lights”


Summer love.  Whether it is a serious relationship that lasts beyond the summer or a casual fling that fizzles out after a few days, it almost always has a significant impact on our lives.  Countless books and movies focus on summer love, exploring the ways in which it takes hold and shapes the way we go about our business.  And when words or visuals do not do enough, there are the songs.

For Shibashi’s new single, “All The Lights,” the alt-pop artist teams up with Aoife from whenyoung to recreate the spirit of a short-term romance.  Filled with bouncing beats, twinkling melodies, and tender lyrics, “All The Lights” is sure to escort you to a warm place, where love flows all around.  As Aoife tries to figure out exactly what is going on, she sings, “Still don’t understand it / Take it back to the start / Separate the feelings / Step into my heart,” concluding that a good thing is taking place.

When asked about the track, Shibashi revealed, “The song was inspired by a fleeting romance at an Ipanema beach party involving too much cachaça.  It was recorded between London and Belfast.  The music tries to capture sounds from the party and the place… The song was in demo form for so long but really came alive when Aoife sang it.  Her voice tessellates with the music perfectly.”  Indeed, Aoife flawlessly ties everything together, and embodies the uplifting essence of the scene.

As for the accompanying music video, the party moves from the beach at Ipanema to an underground roller disco.  We see two teenagers roaming deserted city streets before discovering the disco, along with other people looking to have fun.  The video reflects the celebratory vibes that have been happening as parts of the world are returning to normal; it was made to acknowledge lockdown coming to an end, and instill a new wave of acceptance and understanding.  You can check it out below.

You can listen to “All The Lights” on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Be on the lookout for Shibashi’s debut EP, which features “All The Lights” and appearances from Candi Stanton and Chloe Howl, dropping soon.

Keep up with Shibashi:  Twitter // Facebook // TikTok // Instagram // Website


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