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On Thursday, March 29th, fellow staff-member Bella Savignano and I took a trip downtown Atlanta to see California rock-band, HUNNY, play a show at the Masquerade. That was a wonderful experience – and you can click here to read Bella’s recap of the HUNNY show – but I’m here to talk about what went down beforehand.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Masquerade, one of Atlanta’s classic concert venues, it has three separate rooms within it: Heaven (1000 cap.), Hell (550 cap.), and Purgatory (300 cap.). We were on track to see HUNNY headline in Purgatory when we realized that Remo Drive, one of our favorite emo-alternative bands from Minnesota, were opening for Sorority Noise in Hell. We were so stoked; we were going to be able to see Remo Drive and still have time to catch HUNNY afterwards… right next door!

We got into Hell to see Remo Drive and were instantly blown away by the amount of people there. We knew the show was sold out, but it still came as a huge shock. People must really like Sorority Noise, we thought.

But once Remo came on, everyone rushed the stage and went crazy. They opened with fan favorite, “Art School”, and nearly half the crowd was chanting the words and dancing along! I shortly realized that a significant portion of the people there had come for Remo Drive.

I had seen the Minnesota duo once before when they opened for their friends, Hippo Campus, in Athens, but this performance was infinitely better. The Hippo Campus crowd was full of mostly young, chilled-out “indie kids”, but this crowd was a little older and MUCH wilder. You could tell that the Remo boys really fed off of the crowd’s energy and enthusiasm. There was lots of moshing and crowd-surfing, which really seemed to pump them up. They played with much more confidence this time around, and you could tell that they had really improved their performance style. The setlist was flawless, the vocals were amazing, and everything went smoothly.

One of the coolest parts of our night, however, was seeing HUNNY’s Jason Yarger standing by the merch stand after Remo’s set. We went up to him to say hi, and told him our plan for catching both shows back-to-back. He was blown away by our dedication, and loved that we were seeing Remo, who he happens to be close friends with!

Overall, I was extremely impressed with the show Remo Drive put on. If you get the opportunity, I would highly recommend you see them yourself!

Don’t forget to check out Bella’s article on our experience at HUNNY

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