Ones to Watch – UK Artist GRIFF Drops Debut EP The Mirror Talk


At only 18 years old UK artist GRIFF is quickly taking the world by storm. GRIFF hails from Watford, England and is of Chinese and Jamaican descent and has known she wanted to make music from a very young age. She grew up with two brothers, one of which she borrowed Logic from, where she would then begin to write and produce her own songs. She wrote her first song at age 12. It was then where she thought about doing this music thing full time. It didn’t come easy though. GRIFF had to balance school on top of her music. When she would come home from school she would go straight into making a new beat and writing new material. She would spend most of the time making new music that she barely had any time for herself, but it’s what she wanted to do.

Through all the trials and tribulations of balancing school and her music career, GRIFF has still managed to become a force to be reckoned with.  Her career really sky-rocketed when she released her debut single “Mirror Talk”. The track was first played on Annie Mac’s “New Name” on BBC’s Radio 1 right after she had finished her final exams in school. The inspirational track draws on influences of R&B and talks about the insecurities you face as a young adult. It’s definitely one of her most popular tracks with almost 900,000 streams on Spotify. If you thought that track was any reminder of how amazing GRIFF is then you’ll be excited to hear the rest of her music. GRIFF is set to release her debut EP titled The Mirror Talk and it will blow your mind. The Mirror Talk EP features “Mirror Talk” as well as four others songs, “Paradise”, “Sound of Your Voice”, “Didn’t Break it Enough”, and “Moment”. This extraordinary EP chronicles the highs and lows of growing up as a teenager. A majority of the EP was even written and produced by GRIFF herself. “Paradise” is a standout track from the EP. You can really feel the influences of soul and R&B in this one as well as a feel for GRIFFS Jamaican descent in the backing drum beats. It’s one of the more stripped back tracks on the EP which really makes GRIFFS’ raw angelic vocals shine. “Paradise” was one of the first songs she wrote and it draws on her wanting to write a song that didn’t have to do with love and relationships. “Didn’t Break It Enough” is another stellar track off of the EP. GRIFF wrote and produced this song all by herself and it has a great meaning to her. “I was trying say that when things are broken they’re not supposed to work”. “If a light bulb is broken it’s not gonna light up, but when the heart’s broken it can still love the same way and sometimes more than it did before it broke”- GRIFF comments on the songs meaning. It’s a powerful stripped back track that comments on being heartbroken but not allowing it to break you. “Sound of Your Voice”, and “Moment” really bring the EP together and give it a sense of brilliance. The EP as a whole is a cohesive masterpiece with influences of soul, R&B ,and electronic components.  GRIFFS voice shines very bright on this EP and it continues to inspire. GRIFF has it all, from her empowering vocals, to her self production, to the fact that she makes her own clothing and videos. GRIFF is not only an artist but also an innovator. She is a star on the rise and will only go further from here! Don’t miss out on everything she has to offer! 

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