Ones To Watch- WENS Drops New Track “Rich & Famous”


The indie pop world is seeing a break-though with the talented singer songwriter WENS. WENS is only 20 years old but has been making music ever since she was 12 and has been changing the landscape of the pop world and making it her own. Hailing from California, WENS grew up in a rich town that wasn’t made for her. It was like she was in a bubble. She felt out of place and misunderstood. This is where music came in to help. WENS started to write music because she felt it was an escape for her. She felt that it was the best way to express her feelings without actually talking about them. “Most times I wrote to escape my reality and other times I wrote to face my harsh realities.” – WENS on why writing has helped her out so much. She felt that writing made her feel more grounded so she continued to pursue it. WENS taught herself how to play piano at a young age, shortly after she was introduced to a music producer Jennifer Decilveo who had encouraged 12 year old WENS to continue writing music. When she was 16 she was brought along to songwriting sessions where she would write songs for other artists including; Shallou and Steel Bangelz. She saw these artists perform the songs she wrote on stage which inspired her to start writing music for herself. She wanted to write for herself to understand her past while also illuminating her future.

WENS has released music of her own in the past including her first EP That Really Long Night but is now set to release her new EP Lemoncholy soon. The lead single off the EP “Cinderella” is a stripped down banger that calls on her individuality and how she doesn’t want to fit into the norms and be someone’s “Cinderella”. WENS just released another new single off of her EP titled “Rich & Famous” which is a groovy guitar driven tune. In this song WENS seems to talk about the struggles growing up and how she didn’t always feel like she fit in. “Would you rather be rich and famous, or fit into the crowd be nameless?” Here she’s talking about the struggle of wanting to be famous and the hardships that come with it versus fitting in and staying true to yourself. “People say follow your heart, but then they pick and tear and rip you apart”. WENS may be touching on the subject of people doubting her music abilities but at the same time are the ones telling her to pursue her dreams. It’s tough to be a part of the music industry, let alone finding your voice and doing what you love while letting the music speak for you. WENS does a fantastic job here in showcasing just how she feels and how much music has helped her out growing up and giving her a voice. “Rich & Famous” is a stellar track featuring WENS angelic vocals that make you feel at ease when you listen. It’s a song you would definitely want to blast in the car with your friends. WENS is quickly breaking through in the indie pop world and isn’t slowing down anytime soon so you definitely don’t want to miss out on everything else she has to offer! Check out more from WENS below!


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