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At only 19 years old, Clancy is quickly making a name for herself in the alt pop world. Clancy is a singer songwriter hailing from British Columbia, Canada who knew she wanted to make music ever since she was a young girl. From the age of ten she was heavily interested in all things dramatic, including musicals, dancing, songwriting, and poetry. She shortly realized she couldn’t really dance and that pretty much crushed her musical theater dreams. Although it was a blessing in disguise of sorts as she went in the direction of songwriting and making music. She started her music career off in Dallas, Texas where she would play live shows while also juggling her last years of high school. It was beginning to be too much to handle and she decided to be homeschooled to continue her music career. With this new transition she spent some time in London, England where she started her first project in late 2018. Now Clancy resides in LA where she has begun to release new material and performing it with her new band.

Speaking of new material Clancy just released her new single “Subconscious Suicide”which really brings the heat. She wrote this song about a tricky relationship that she was in with a fellow singer who saw her as a potential threat. She explains that once the relationship was over she felt really vulnerable, angry, and insecure but feeling all of that inspired her to go forward and love herself a little more each day. “He saw my naivety and ate the confidence that I had to feed his own ego,” Clancy says. “I realized feeling less talented, beautiful, or worthy of success than another artist is committing suicide to all the self reliance and love I work hard for in order to continue to create my art. If I don’t love it, who will?” This track is an electric banger that will leave you feeling a sense of angst. You’ll want to blast it whenever you’re feeling angry for sure. It may be an angry track but it still has an inspirational message underneath with self love. Clancy does a fantastic job in this song and you can really get a feel for how angry and vulnerable she felt when making this song. Clancy is quickly breaking through in the scene and is someone you definitely want to keep your eye on!


Listen to her new single below!



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