Twenty One Pilots Enter ‘Clancy’ Era with “Overcompensate”


On Thursday (Feb. 29), Twenty One Pilots made the official announcement of the Clancy era. The unique occurrence of leap year provided the perfect moment to disclose that the concluding chapter of the Blurryface saga would unfold with the release of the duo’s seventh album on May 17.

Earlier in the day, before unveiling the video for their first single “Overcompensate,” singer/guitarist Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun revealed the album’s striking artwork. In the artwork, the duo is depicted standing amidst flames, with the title positioned vertically over Joseph’s obscured face by a balaclava.

The “Overcompensate” video commences with an aerial view of an ocean, accompanied by glitchy sounds and a woman’s voice, leading into an energetic keyboard rhythm overlaying a map of the fictional land of Trench. The scene then transitions to a desolate island and eventually descends into Dema, accompanied by an ominous voice welcoming viewers back to Trench.

The upcoming album marks the culmination of the overarching narrative that began with the breakthrough Blurryface album in 2015, continued with Trench in 2018, and Scaled and Icy in 2021. Accompanying the announcement was the apparent color theme of the Clancy album, represented by red tape observed on the digital covers of the band’s albums across streaming platforms. The color scheme of the Blurryface saga initially featured red and black before transitioning to yellow for Trench.

Fans can now pre-order and pre-save Clancy. Pre-order includes bundles of vinyls, journals, cassettes, and more. Check out all the packages, here.

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