Dani Stocksdale makes a powerful entrance onto the music scene with a pastel pop track, “Swimming Pools”


With her debut single, “Swimming Pools,” Dani Stocksdale makes a powerful entrance into the music scene with a pastel pop sound. The track is beautifully crafted weaving together storytelling and clever wordplay. 

Opening with a vulnerable exploration and desire to be more approachable and find love, Dani’s vocals and lyrics draw listeners in. The song reflects Dani’s experiences of feeling alone while witnessing others in relationships, which makes her yearn for a similar connection, while also seeming hesitant and unsure about taking the plunge into a relationship, as represented by the metaphor of “swimming pools.”

Dani’s therapist suggests going to a bar alone to be more approachable and meet someone, but she seems to find it challenging to connect with others. The encounters she has at the bar, like meeting someone named Ben who talks about his wealth and belongings, doesn’t resonate with her. The chorus emphasizes her hesitation (“Swimming pools I dip my toes in / I get cold and / Maybe I’ll come back another day / Another day”) and suggests that she just isn’t willing to fully commit to pursuing a relationship yet and seems to feel left out when she see others in happy relationships.

As she bravely steps forward to share her adventure in the music industry, Dani Stocksdale proves that she is an artist with a unique voice and perspective. “Swimming Pools” sets the stage for an exciting career ahead, leaving us eager to hear more from this talented musician. With future releases promising to explore her Mexican American heritage, we can’t wait to see how Dani continues to leave a lasting impact on the music industry.

Listen to “Swimming Pools” on your favorite streaming platform, here.

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