Goldie Boutilier stars as “The Actress” in her latest single


Canadian singer Goldie Boutilier’s latest single “The Actress” adopts a retro cinematic mystique to deliver a tale of resilience with a hint of comedic relief. 

The pitter patter instrumentation that opens the song is retro-sounding and slightly western-inspired, as if it were the theme from an old school drama. Boutilier’s voice emerges on the track gravelly and hushed, slightly “cursive” in its sound without appearing overly quirky. 

The singer’s words are assertive in their nature, almost teasing the listener in a manner that aims to throw the middle finger up. “Treat me like a toy to grope or kiss”, she sings before explaining “I am the actress / And this is a movie / So what you’re doing to her / You’re not doing to me”. As the song charges on, the flirtatious wink of a line, “You’ll be smoking your cigar like it’s not phallic”, offers a moment of comic relief in an otherwise tense tale. “The Actress” earns its merits from its blend of sharp lyricism aimed to declare dominance and Boutilier’s sweet voice fit for a classic Western flick.

You can listen to “The Actress” on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.


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Avery Heeringa
Avery Heeringa
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