Yxngxr1 might not be the “Nice Guy” on new single


In 2019, Yxngxr1 introduced fans to his lo-fi indie rap sound, putting out unique singles that were engaging and relatable.  By making references to certain people, places, and aspects of pop culture, Yxngxr1 captured familiar realities of everyday life, and music fans could not get enough.  Gaining continuous support from The Guardian and BBC Radio 1, as well as receiving millions of streams on almost every project, Yxngxr1 shows that he has it in him to take the music world by storm.  Back with his second release this year, Yxngxr1 is giving us some fresh indie pop in the form of “Nice Guy.”

On “Nice Guy,” Yxngxr1 captures the insecurities that arise when stepping into a new relationship.  Over bright acoustic guitar and comforting drums, Yxngxr1 counteracts the pleasant mood of the music, recounting the ways he has “fucked everything” with this new girl in his life.  He simply sings, “She thinks I’m a nice guy / I’m not really like that,” and sabotages what could be a good thing.  Halfway through the track, we receive guest vocals from rising indie artist Morgan Reese, who tells her side of the story.  She so sweetly mentions, “Feels like lately I’ve been living in the dark / But with the nice guy up the street, it’s been a walk in the park,” and wonders if things are too good to be true.

In the video below, we watch this story come to life.  Yxngxr1 quickly establishes that he is definitely not the nice guy, as he is seen stealing mail from his neighbors and kicking an innocent trash bin.  Meanwhile, the girl he is texting seems to calm him down, and he seems to make her happy.  As they both smile while constantly texting each other, we hope that things will work out.

“Nice Guy” is the latest from Yxngxr1’s upcoming album, Teenage Motel, out May 13.  You can pre-order it here.

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